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Polykote Corp. has developed this decades most exciting breakthrough in labeling technology. SILGON™ Linerless Technology will help you save the environment, streamline your labeling process and be more cost efficient..

Here at POLYKOTE our dedication to service and quality in conjunction with our expertise in controlling coat weights and tensions enables us to process a variety of materials including foils, acetate, metallized film, woven cloth, non-woven cloth, tissue, paper, paper board and a variety of films including polyesters, polystyrenes & polypropylenes.

Our converting services include an array of razor and rotary knife slitters and rewinders from John Dusenberry, Stanford, Siat and Conweb Manufacturing that give us the ability to convert rolls from width as narrow as 1" to as wide as 62.5" with a maximum OD of 30" on standard unwind and rewind 3"or 6" core size. Other unwind and rewind core options are available.

Polykote Corp. is a customer driven company performing thorough analysis of our customers' needs in order to develop and qualify products to fulfill their custom requirements. Often called upon at the conceptual stage, we work very closely with our customers in the development of new projects / products. Our staff has the experience and expertise to address a wide variety of existing product, or product development issues, along with providing long term toll coating for both narrow and wide width applications.