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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is Polykote moving?
    We have enjoyed many years of steady growth but have simply outgrown the site which is not ours and not expandable.

  2. What is the schedule for the move?
    The new building is scheduled for completion in late December. Equipment will begin to be moved in January. It will be a transition, done in stages since we are under no pressure to be out of the current facility. We plan on completing the move as soon as possible within the 1st quarter of 2007.

  3. Will lead times increase?
    Our plan should not result in lead time increases. We will be contacting customers and planning with them to prevent problems. A build up of inventory will be available to minimize.

  4. Will my contact person change?
    Unfortunately our new location is approximately 40 miles north and all of our employees cannot make the move with us. Any changes to personnel will be communicated to all customers.

  5. Will product performance be affected?
    No. Your orders will be run on the same equipment it has always been run on. If anything, we expect performance enhancement in the future.

  6. Who should I contact if I have a problem or concern?
    Our phone number remains 215-443-9492 until after the move. Feel free to ask for:
    Dave Albee – General Manager
    Mike Bierowicz – Business Development Manager
    Jim Bromwell – Technical Manager

  7. How will this change affect my business with Polykote?
    Our ability to be responsive, service driven, and innovative will only increase with our expanded facility. Your past experiences will be used as a model for the future.