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Polykote Corp. has developed this decade's most exciting breakthrough in the labeling industry. Using Silgon™ Linerless Technology (patent pending), you can take non-tacky label stock and activate to create everlasting pressure sensitive adhesive properties. This will help you save the environment, streamline your labeling process and be more cost efficient.


Polykote Corp and QUADREL Labeling Systems have teamed up to introduce a complete system for using this Linerless Label Technology.

Utilizing Quadrel's new HALO (Heat Activated Linerless Operating) System, the two companies will be demonstrating bottle labeling success at PACK EXPO in Chicago's McCormick Place in Quadrel's booth# S766.

If you would like to arrange for a demonstration in our labeling technology center, please contact us.

The following is a brief outline of how this unique material can help you save a tree...Or perhaps an entire forest.


Polykote Corp. has been providing solutions to the Tape and Label Industry for over 20 years. With our full staff of Engineers and Technicians we have developed this Labeling Breakthrough.

We were challenged to create a label material that would be non-tacky and dry to the touch, but would exhibit Pressure-Sensitive properties on demand. This is just what we have done!

You can now have what appears to be a non-adhesive piece of paper or film and activate right before application to create an everlasting Pressure-Sensitive Label.


Now imagine the benefit of creating the Pressure-Sensitive adhesive characteristics just before a label needs to be applied, with this ability you can eliminate the need for a release liner. Typically the liner's job is to "protect" the sticky adhesive throughout the printing, die-cutting and pre-application steps. Once the Label is applied, the liner is disposed and often becomes Landfill.

Now imagine what you can save if you didn't need the release liner...What you can save is:

  1. The cost of the liner, which is often more expensive than the Label face material alone.
  2. The cost to dispose of the liner.
  3. The cost to ship the extra weight of the liner from the coating process, all the way through to the printing/converting process, to the application process and then to the disposal site.
  4. You can save a Tree!

We recognize that this method is not feasible in every labeling application. However many high volume, repetitive action labeling systems, including bottle labeling, box labeling and package operations can readily retro-fit to use this Green and cost saving concept. Both roll fed and sheet fed dispensing systems can be used. It is simplest if the system incorporates a vacuum plate or belt for application.

We have partnered with several Label Dispensing & Applying groups who can design and build a line for your needs, or we can work with your equipment team if you prefer.


This unique material is dormant, dry and non-tacky until you activate it by briefly exposing it to an energy source.

We have tested several energy sources including:

  1. High-Energy Light
  2. Radiant Heat
  3. Hot Air

Once activated the adhesive performs like any typical PSA. The activation process is time/temperature dependent, it begins at 150 F, the more energy you introduce the faster it permanently becomes a pressure sensitive label. We can work with you to design the best product for your needs.


How can you join this cost saving and resource saving revolution ?

It's easy, contact us at to discuss your labeling application. We will help you to determine the right material and process conditions needed to create the right linerless labelstock for your needs.

Won't you take this first step to save a forest ?

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